January 29, 2024

Push for road safety data transparency endorsed by Nationwide Group

Push for road safety data transparency endorsed by Nationwide Group

Nationwide Group, the industry leader in towing and transport, has joined the Australian Automobile Association’s Data Saves Lives campaign which calls on the Federal Government to make road funding contingent upon states and territories providing safety-related data.

Despite significant investments in road infrastructure, Australia’s road toll has continued to rise.

A lack of comprehensive data reporting means efforts to identify effective solutions are missed. This includes data such as information on crash causes, road quality and law enforcement data such as drunk and drugged driving, speeding and mobile phone use.

While state and territory governments collect this data, they currently do not share it with each other, the federal government, independent experts, or the public. This means the best ways to address the causes can’t be identified, as no data is being reported.
“Safety is a priority for Nationwide Group – it’s people and customers,”

said Nationwide Group CEO Michael Stephenson.

“Governments have a responsibility to make data driven decisions when it comes to funding.”

Nationwide Group is proud to join motoring clubs and organisations representing motorcyclists, pedestrians, caravan owners, insurers, fleet managers, medical and road safety experts as supporters of the campaign.

To support the campaign visit https://datasaveslives.org.au/

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